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Magnetic Earrings Natural Weight Loss No More Dieting!


Magnetic Earrings Natural Weight Loss No More Dieting!


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Each earring has two pieces (front and back) that stay on your ear using the magnets

The growing popularity of magnetic treatments for conditions such as arthritis and migraine, offers users a cost effective and drug-free method of self-treatment.

Magnetic healing is one of the world’s oldest  traditional healing methods; dating back to Cleopatra and the pyramids of Egypt, but until recently it was not seen as a bona fide treatment. This beautifully crafted jewellery aims to change that.

Attitudes to magnetic healing are changing as scientific studies have provided evidence about the benefits of this non-invasive self treatment. With scientific backup to prove that magnets have a beneficial impact on the body – human or animal, more and more people are turning to this natural therapy.

Within the jewellery range there are products for the whole family including children and pets.

 The products themselves are made from the highest quality materials, with inbuilt magnets ranging from a magnetic strength of 1200 Gauss to 2200 Gauss depending on the requirement.

Our magnets are the highest quality neodymium magnets whose energy will only reduce by 1% every 99 years as opposed to some other magnetic jewellery which is a piece if metal that has been magnetised which will last up to 10 years. This means you will never have to replace it

 How do our magnets work?

Our magnets are negatively charged and range from 1200 gauss, this is how magnets are measured.  The word gauss was devised by Karl Friedrich Gauss and he discovered how to measure the strength of a magnet, so the higher the Gauss the stronger the magnet will be so it can penetrate through matter such as human tissue, thus aiding natural healing. 

Magnets may help the body heal itself
1. They promote blood flow; increase the oxygen-carrying capacity in to the blood stream
2.They aid weight-loss
3. They change the migration of calcium ions, which can heal broken bones much faster, and they may help osteoporosis. Or it can take away calcium from arthritic joints adding healing.
4. They can change the PH balance in our bodies which is one of the causes of ill health.
5. They can help hormone production from the endocrine glands which will increase or decrease as needed. So this may help PMT, menopause, mood swings, irritability, and lethargy
6. They may also help the workings of the brain and this may change our brain activity.

Because of the above the result is that magnets may help with Arthritic pain, headaches, migraines, banish depression and behavioural problems, anxiety, back neck, shoulder pain addictions, weight loss, asthma, high blood pressure, IBS, ME, MS, and many more.

   Using Magnets

Do not use if:
• you wear a pacemaker
• hearing and implants
• you are a pregnant woman
• you are under 18 without supervision


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